14 Dogs Not Stoked With Their Hair Cuts

The looks on these dog’s faces says it all. Here are the inner-monologues of some honest pooches that are not so stoked with their dodgy dog hair cuts.

1. “You’ve betrayed my trust, Sharon.”

2. “This just escalates my gender confusion.”

3. “The hair hides my inner turmoil.”

4. “I’m leaving you. Bathing me in Veet was the last straw.”

5. “Believe me when I say ‘I will have my vengeance.’ “

6. “I asked for the Chewbacca… not the Princess Leia.”

7. “They said ‘You’ll look great with bangs!’ – I knew better.”

8. “My groomer has Parkinsons – which sucks for him – but I think we’re both suffering for it.”

9. “I can’t fetch sticks anymore… people keep mistaking me for a Swiffer.”

10. “I used to be in finance, these days I grow organic vegetables and eat quinoa. Hey, can you help crowd fund my solo album?”

11. “I gave up fighting it a long time ago. It was just easier that way.”

12. “Therapy has really helped, but I’m not out of the woods just yet.”

13. “It’s hard knowing Honey Boo Boo has more swag than me.”

14. “No comment.”

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